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GridPACK version 3.1 includes several new features. These are enumerated below.

  • A new implementation of the dynamic simulation application based on inversion of the full Y-matrix has been included in GridPACK. This implementation also supports several generator models beyond the classical generator as well as models for exciters and governors. Models for relays and dynamic loads have also been included. The new implementation has been set up as a mini-framework, so the additional models can be added relatively easily, as needed. The PSS/E parser modules have been modified as well to read in parameters for the new models.
  • A GlobalStore module has been added to GridPACK to enable task-based simulations to exchange data easily. Results from one simulation can be accessed by another simulation, even if the second simulation is running on another processor. This functionality is useful for contingency- or scenario-based calculations that are being distributed to processors on the basis of availability.
  • A BusTable module has been created to support vectors of data that are associated with busses. The original input is a CVS-style file that has a string of data associated with a particular device on a bus (e.g. a generator). Examples of this type of data are time series measurements on on generators for Kalman Filter simulations and scenarios for outputs from wind generators.The BusTable module reads in this data and then makes it available to particular bus devices on any processors that might own the device.
  • The overview documentation has been thoroughly revised to reflect new functionality in GridPACK as well as reviewing it for clarity and readability. New documents describing the validation of the GridPACK modules has also been added to the GridPACK website.